Greg Mania Workshops


Workshops are conducted over real-time group video chat. Duration is 3 hours per workshop, with a cap of 10 participants.


Each workshop focuses on a unique theme. Join all six and get FREE Discloser membership for one year ($108 value)!


Workshop 1: Portrait of a Person

Workshop 2: Bodily Functions and Malfunctions

Workshop 3: Work, Jobs, Careers

Workshop 4: Bad Romance

Workshop 5: Family Therapy

Workshop 6: Anxiety, Paranoia, Obsession, and Fear

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  • Participation Details

    Workshops are conducted via real-time group video chat. You will receive an email with prompts and login instructions. Stories must be submitted 3 days prior to workshop and feedback is provided live in the workshop. Duration is 3 hours per workshop, with a cap of 10 participants.


    To ensure ample writing time for participants, all purchases are final. Workshop participation may be transferred or gifted.

  • Instructor Bio

    Greg Mania is a New York City-based writer and comedian who is best known for his satirical columns for OUT Magazine. His work has also appeared in The Huffington Post, PAPER, BULLETT, Posture, LADYGUNN, CREEM, and Baron, among other international online and print platforms. He's also an award-winning screenwriter, and recently co-wrote and co-produced his first feature-length film, Deadman's Barstool. He frequently does readings in New York City, including Claudia Cogan's "The Hand of Comedy" at The Cobra Club in Brooklyn and Amanda Duarte's "Dead Darlings," which is hailed as one of New York's most reputable reading series by Time Out New York and the New York Times. He's also a recent graduate of The New School, earning an M.A. in Media Studies with a concentration in creative writing and screenwriting. He's currently working on his first book. He lives in Brooklyn.

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